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OMGWTFJOURNAL?! - about Riza's everyday life

'Afternoon, everybody, Riza here, actually keeping her promise!

So, last night before I went to bed, I finished up a movie that just...aaaahhhhhh, it was awesome, but it was blech-y at the same time.

What I'd like to review for this entry is none other than the Fox TV series Firefly and the movie Serenity.

Since I came to America, all of the friends I've made so far are all total geeks and I'm slowly falling more and more into the depths of the sci-fi world...of course, my online friends are not helping this at all as well. And, well, my friend Cece lent me Firefly, demanding telling me to watch it because it was good.

So, I do.

And it was awesome.

Low-tech sci-fi ftw <3 It gave me the feel of Cowboy Bebop because of the technology that was used and the Chinese all around. A bit of SAC:GitS too on that front, but moreso Cowboy Bebop than anything. It was great <3

The series starts out by showing a clip of Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds, the captain of the Firefly type-ship Serenity, and Zoe, the first-mate, during their days during a bloody battle part of a war that was going on to unify the universe...I think. I'm not quite sure, but I think it's something like that. Either way!! They were both working together during this giant crazy war and survived it and are now on this ship where Mal's the captain and Zoe's the first-mate, and they're awesome!

The rest of the characters that make-up Serenity's crew are all very awesome, too <3 First off we have Wash, who is the pilot of Serenity and does a DAMN well job of it. Oh, and he's also Zoe's husband =w= And he's my favorite male character <3 'cause he's funny and has a cute personality.

And then we have Kaylee, the mechanic of Serenity. She's an optimistic, bubbly girl who has...well, we can't say a good moral code, but she's still really cute and is my favorite female character of the series. You can tell that she loves her job so much and she's on pretty good terms with everybody and shows to be good support for the rest of the crew =w= Her goal in life maaay~ be not as innocent as you'd hope, but she's still cute!

Next up we have Jayne, who is just...blarg, I can't think of a good adjective to describe him xD He's a character that is almost impossible to hate though. He's a mercenary who just happens to be on Serenity because Mal pays him lots and he hasn't found anybody else that'll pay him more, and well, if he did...he'd switch to that side fast. He does have a sweet, soft side though, and has his cute moments! XD

Now lets go onto Inara the whore registered companion~. Of course, just because she's a whore prostitute companion, doesn't mean she should be looked down on. She's pretty much the only person throughout the series that hasn't done anything stupid (along with Zoe, if I remember right). She's reeeeeeeeeally pretty and glamourous and elegant and smart and...she's just somebody you want to look up to. See, she's not a whore you'd think of either: -she- chooses the clients that give her offers. How crazy is that? XD 

We have Shepard Book, who is this Preacher guy. He's mysterious though and gives this air that there's more too him...or not. Either way, he has his badass moments and has his funny moments too =w=

And then we have Simon the doctor~. Snobby rich boy. 'nuff said. He's whiny too. I don't like him much. ...he gets better though. And he has his spark =w=

And next, River, Simon's crazyass sister. Oh, gawd... I think she's my least favorite character u.u All of the people that I've talked to love her so much, but just...nuh-uh. Yeah, she has her cute times because she's pretty much insane, but still... ...okay, she is cute. But she's still creepy.

Because the TV series was cancelled though (which is a humongous mystery to me because it was so good), the series was left hanging until the movie Serenity came out to tie loose ends.

And it did that very well.

It explained all kinds of things, but still left a few loose ends... The thing about this movie though is that while it appealed and was ABSOLUTELY GREAT to all of Firefly's fans, it wouldn't make much sense to those people who haven't seen the series before. I mean, when I first heard of it and saw bits and pieces, I didn't see the appeal of it. I didn't understand what was going on, I didn't get what the big deal was with all of these different people. But, now I do since I saw that series.

It pretty much explains what happened to the crew after the series finished and answered a few questions that popped up all throughout it.

The movie had pretty good visuals, and the action scenes were very awesome.

The part that I think the movie would lose it's appeal most is the lack of background for newbies to the Firefly universe.

So, the rating I'd give it as a fan is 8/10. Why an 8/10?

I only have one thing to say...[spoilers]Collapse )

Anyways, the actual series is definetely worth watching for you sci-fi fans, especially if you liked Cowboy Bebop!! But I wouldn't reccomend the movie to those of you who haven't seen the series.

I'll try to post another review or a random entry soon ^o^ See you!!

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Greetings readers, Riza here having a wonderful break thus far ^o^

Homesickyness kicked in a couple of times, and it was icky, especially around Christmas...but hey! I still had an absolutely wonderful one thanks to my relatives down here, and I enjoyed it so much ^_^ It's hard to have fun during Christmas time if you aren't close to your parents and siblings...but, hey, s'all good, I survived it <3

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARG so much crazyness going on lately though @.@; I was finally able to just sit down now and write up a post and just relax...

School got out about a month ago, and all kinds of things happened...grandma being admitted to the hospital a couple of times, but guess what!! She's in remission now, and her cancer seems to be gone for most of the part ^o^ ...I wonder if I even mentioned anything like that on here. Either way, she's had cancer for a couple of months and had to undergo chemotherapy. God, it was so hard... but, but, it seems to finally be over!! Just rehab now, which she is going to later on today ^_^ <3 So happy she's feeling better =w=

Also...kind of happy and sad news at the same time here, but my dad, brother, and sister will be coming down to Indiana during the summer. ...Really, I should be happy, but...blech ;-; This means I won't be able to see mom for at least another year T^T; Blarg, I miss her so much... But, but, optimism! My brother and sister will be able to come down to the states and they haven't been here for YEARS. Like, about....well, I can't remember quite well, but at least 6. And this may be the last time my brother would be able to actually visit, so I'm happy for them.

Another thing kicks in here though. What's that you ask?

Another plan failed for me and Nacchii to finally meet up with each other T___T

Well, first off, Plan A: I go down to England during the beginning of January (yes, if all went according to plan, I'd be on the airplane as we speak) and spend time with him down in London and then to a nice recreation vacation spot called Centre Parcs. The link leads to the specific place we were going to stay at too. Nya...it looks so nice. His parents were considering to book one of the nice cottages for us too ;-; Because all failed though (mostly because of my side of the family being EXTREMELY OVERPROTECTIVE...which I understand, but y'know T^T;), he's out with just him and his parents and going out to London and down there for a 10-day vacation. I know he's having a good time 'cause there's lots to do and he'll be able to spend time with just him and his parents ^-^

Plan B: Him coming to Okinawa with me during the summer and spend time with me there. We thought this was going to work out perfectly because 1) he had the money and 2) it wouldn't be causing anybody to get worried because he would be coming down to Okinawa and I won't be going anywhere new. ...but, this plan failed too u_u As I mentioned before, my dad and siblings will be coming down to Indiana for the summer and well...there was this kind of deal that my dad and I had. If I were to go to Okinawa, he'd pay for my ticket and they were going to stay. If they were to come to Indiana, I can't go to Okinawa (more of, he won't pay for the ticket, because it's all so expensive). And, knowing this was the last oppurtunity my brother would have had for actually coming down to the states, I just couldn't bring my heart to say that I want to go home. So...yeah, our plans for going on dates to watch the sunset and karaoke were ruined uwu;

But, there is still hope!!

Plan C: Him and I going to Dallas, Texas for A-kon and booking a hotel and spend time together and hang out and stuff. Why this may work? Hehehe...well, you see. This trip would be in the United States so it won't be going travelling international all by myself, and I'll be able to pay it all myself through the graduation gift money I got. Second is that I can say that I'm going to a convention with my friend Barbara. She's a friend from middle school times who I still talk to today, and she lives in Texas and may be going to A-kon ^o^ So, so!! ...not that I'm using her as a conveniently placed excuse, because I do plan to hang out with her lots too. But, I can just tell my grandparents that my really good friend from long ago lives down there and we can meet up there and stuff and go together, so they won't be as worried. So far, we both are thinking that it's a great idea, and it may actually work. All I have to do now is word it right and ask my grandparents if I can go...

Pray for me you guys, this may be my last oppurtunity to see the man that I've been longing to meet for a long time. He's gonna be working full-time starting this coming autumn for his major, and the possibility of us meeting are going to slim significantly...especially if he'll be going to a company in China to gain that International experience.

So yes, I hope that all works out well!! ></

I'm so sorry for the lack of posts lately though, guys, I'll be sure to try to post more often (as I always say...). I'll try to post the reviews I've promised too because I also completed a few anime series ^o^ ...as well as the TV series Firefly <3 Watch out for that combined with a review of Serenity!!

I bid you adieu <3

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You Scored as asahina mikuru

you are mikuru-chan! xD a time traveller that is cute and makes everybody likes you ^^ you are shy, but your confidence is also high actually (but in a certain time) you are kind, and cheerfull too just like haruhi. youre smile makes everybody happy

asahina mikuru
itsuki koizumi
yuki nagato
suzumiya haruhi
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Good evening everybodyyy <3

Riza here, apologizing once again for not posting in a while ;w;

Aah...college kills u.u Icky internet connections do, but I digress.

Either way!! Today's entry...I wanted to talk about my lovely boyfriend Nacchii <3

Yes, this entry is going to be allllllllll~~ dedicated to him, so if you feel uncomfortable reading other people's love stories and listening to them go on and on about them, I suggest not to go forwards =w=

Shall we begin?

Whoosh!Collapse )

Whoosh!Collapse )
As soon as my workload gets a bit lighter, I will be sure to post more regularly >< Sorry everybody ;-; Good night~!

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Bonsoir, Madame et Monsieur


No, I do not take French. I deeply apologize, but I always wanted to do that~!! TwT

Aaanyways, good evening, ladies and gentlemen ^o^ Riza here, slightly sad because she missed Nacchii by 5 mintues...but, it's okay!!

So, skipping on my promise of the Code Geass review, I'd like to talk about something else entirely.

As I've posted before, I joined a certain student organizaton called Gamer's Haven which is where gamer's come around and play games and so on and so forth. Now, one thing I'm joined in is the D&D Sessions that they hold. Yes, I'm actually experiencing what it's like in person!!

To tell the truth, it needs quite a bit of getting used to. Since it's not online where you get a bit of time to think about what you type, you're in person acting like your character..so it's slightly embarassing. Of course!! Having people that are doing the same around you really helps because you kinda go into character through that.

My luck is absolutely horrible as always though ^-^;; Still getting used to my dice, and they're still getting used to me, so hopefully we'll gow onto each other soon!!

..Today was horrible though. Since our DM didn't show up, we started at 7:30 and played until about 10:00 =w=; This is at night, mind you, so I only got back about an hour ago. And I still ahve a character to make for tomorrow too~!! TwT Waaaa...

Anyways, that's all for today!! ^o^ I'll try to post again soon if school doesn't keep me away too much ^-^;;

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'evening everybody, Riza here, finally posting again~!! I'm sorry for the lack of updates, everybody, I had an exam on last week's Monday, an Exam Monday, a 900 word paper due yesterday, and a speech tomorrow TwT;; Oh, university, how sadistic you are...

Anyways!! I've come today with another review. This time, however, it's not on a movie. Oh, no. It's an anime review.

After I was linked to a certain site by a dear classmate during my high school years, I've been watching all~~ the time ever since. Especially since I moved to America -- I've finished a total of 20 series since I've been here. ...shuddup, I know it's sad, don't look at me like that!! T^T There is nothing wrong with anime and craving for even a sliver of Japanese culture!! ;-;

For this entry, I'd like to review a specific anime that has really drilled into my heart. It raised me into the heavens and pierced through my body with passion.

You guessed it.


Oh, gawd yes.

This anime has had to be the most hot-blooded series that I've ever seen that made me shudder as much as it did. Full of passion and hot-blood, it just makes you want to shout out as you watch these characters adventure through the land inhabited by ganmen and beastmen. I mean, as I watched this series with Nacchii (who already saw it once before but wanted to watch it again because it was so awesome) he was shouting along with the characters and got so fired up that I couldn't help but get fired up as well XD

I'm sure that you all noticed that I linked a Quizilla quiz on it, but yes, this is the same anime.

The story out with a boy named Simon who finds a robot-type-thing that's shaped as a face. Human Beings live underground in this world, you see, and this specific tribe did lots of drilling to get all around. So!! Because Simon was one of the best at drilling, he came across this small drill pendant and a mecha that looked like a giant face while doing his job. As the story progresses, Simon and Kamina (Aniki <3) eventually drill out of their underground tribe and go out into the open land above where they find is inhabited by dangerous beings called beastmen. And through hot-blood and meeting other human beings, they make up the team GURREN-DAN!!

Yes, I know. My explaining sucks. All I have to say is that this episode is the definition of epic (especially when it comes to the final battle *shudder* <33) and really gets you fired up with passion. Gainax has a really bad habit of being mean though... But anyways, in other words:

Watch it. Just do it. Without thinking. Go. Now.

Sometime soon, I shall review Code Geass <3 ...which just gave into CLAMP's fetishes in the end, but I digress.

Off to go do yoga and take a shower now <3 Ciao ^o^

Spoilers!! Please don't read unless you watched the series T^T;;Collapse )

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Hello everybody~ Riza here, finally bringing herself to posting about her first couple of weeks of university!!

Aaahhhhh...even though I'm only taking 4 classes a week, it's so exhausting...


Whywhywhy? T-T I mean, I'm staying on top of things at the moment, so it's not hat bad, but...still, WHY?!

All of the reading I have to do is driving me crazy too...Aah, I must escape somehow from reality...must...*kicks socioloy books to the side and reads The Count of Monte Cristo instead*

...as much as I complain incomprehensibly, I am enjoying my college life. The professors that I have are all (strict) nice, and cool and not what I've been expecting. I was really thinking of them as these hard-headed people who do not give a crap about you ^-^;; But, I was wrong, thank gawd. ...of course, they aren't lenient on the homework, but they teach well enough so it's not too hard taking notes or following their lectures. I guess I'll run down one by one on how each class is like.

Day One (Mon/Wed)

Social Problems

The name of the class should be self-explanatory: s'a class where we talk about the problems that are occurying in the world today and how they come up through what process and whatnot. It's a lecture/discussion class, so all we have is exams, which I guess is not bad, but is not good at the same time.

This class isn't too bad because we dont' get any quizzes or homework. ...Well, we do, but it's mostly reading. And the reading isn't that nice =w=; However!! It's better than writing papers and doing bookwork, so I feel fortunate. ...what I dread most is an exam that's coming up at the end of this month. Awawawawawa...he said the test is going to be only short answer, multiple choice, true/false and matching, but....y'know @___@;;

Intermediate Algebra

This class is pretty much Algebra II. ...s'way too easy, yo TwT;;; Hopefully things'll get much harder as we go on, but all we're doing now is pretty much polynomial stuff -- adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, rational numbers...I don't know why I was placed in this class. Oh well...easy grade.

Homework and quizzes and exams in this class, and I've managed to turn in all of my homework on time with 100s so...hopefully I won't do bad on this quiz that's coming up soon.

Day Two (Tue/Thurs)

Elementary Composition

This is pretty much a college-level writing class. ...It might be what I'm stressing over most ^-^;; So much writing... I mean, even the bookwork takes about a huge paragraph to answer one question. The topics are actually really interesting though, so it keeps my motivation up. It's just the actual work, man...so crazy.

Thankfully, this class doesn't have any quizzes or exams. S'just the actual work and projects =w=; I just have to pass this class with a C ;-; I shall work hard, yes!! ><;;

Public Speaking/First Year Seminar

This class might be the one I actually enjoy most. Our Professor is really nice and cool, and it's where I've made the most friends, I think. I'm sure Public Speaking is pretty self-explanatory (speech), but I shall explain First Year Seminar to all of you. This is pretty much a course where all freshmen have to take, and it gets the students used to college and introduces them to the whole concept of it all. It's really helped me a lot for sure ^-^; S'where I'm making new friends too <3

And here's the craziest thing. Just Thursday, this one boy comes up to me and asks "...You said your last name was Hamilton, right? And you're from Okinawa...?" And, excitedly answering yes, apparently, this boy's dad is my dad's best friend named Terry. Out of all people to meet in the same class XD;

So yes!! Those are my classes so far and how they're like. They're all pretty interesting, while challenging, so all works out. Plagairism is just the big thing you have to becareful about ^-^; Don't think I'll have that problem, but yeah. ...Still get a bit paranoid >_>;

Oh, I'm also in a club-thingy called Gamer's Society (now Gamer's Haven) and am the secretary-treasurer for it ^o^ Can't wait to get involved more into it and play my first not-online table-top~~ <33

...gawd, I'm such a geek orz

Either way!!

I finally finished my actual driver's ed courses and now I'm onto behind-the-wheel driving~!! Aahhh, no more of the immature hell that was..TwT So happy, yes <33

Well, there's more reading I have to do for my sociology class tomorrow, so I shall bid you all adieu <3

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It had pretty good, detailed results, so I just thought I'd share it with you guys ^.^ Tell me your all's results, 'cause I'm curious, and hope you enjoy it!! 

My results are as follows:

So you’re Yoko. You are a very kind person and are always there to help out your friends. You show courtesy respect to everyone you meet. For those you don’t like, watch out. You can be really competitive and sarcastic to those that don’t tickle your fancy. Remember though, first impressions are important, but not everything. Most people like the spotlight, but you either shy away from it or just don’t mind it being there. That doesn’t mean that you’re anti-social or anything like that by any means. You love just talking and hanging out with everyone. Life can be tough, so you savor the times when you can just relax with those you care about. You don’t mind the behind-the-scenes work. It’s some of the most important parts and you take it upon yourself to get it done. You’re very reliable, so your friends know that they can count on you even at the hardest of times.

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'evening everybody, Riza here, finally bringing herself to posting again ^_^; I know that I've promised to post about my experience in driver's ed and my first day/week of school, but something that I experienced today just has to be shared about. It cannot be going without said.

Now, until a few minutes ago, my grandpa and I were flipping through channels until we stopped at this movie where he started giggling while saying that it was a stupid movie. ...Yes, I could understand what he's saying. On the screen showed these total...I don't even know how you explain it, these people just going crazy -- one guy was sitting in a giant tin can thingy, washing himself, covered in bubbles while saying, "Aw, you caught me in my birthday suit!!" while the other people that were around were just....I'm so sorry, I just lack a description to how these people were.

This movie that we came across was by the name of Cry-Baby.  Now, as you all know, I absolutely love musicals. I know how screwed up they can get. But...I'd have to say, this was the first musical that I've ever seen that made me just sort of...stare at it and not being able to supress a laugh from the stupidity that it held. It was a very "interesting" movie.

According to wiki, this movie "is a parody of teen musicals such as Grease, of Elvis Presley movies, and of 1950s 'juvenile delinquent' movies such as The Wild One and (specifically) Rebel Without a Cause." Oh yes, this really makes sense, and they do quite well with it....once you know that it's a parody, anyways. It was wrong of me to watch and try to take it seriously.

Either way, I'm sure all of you now want to know what the movie is about. The setting is in Maryland around the '50s, so I'm sure you all get the idea of how people were back then, what was popular, and how they dressed. There are two opposing groups called the "Drapes" and the "Squares." The "Drapes" were the group that was totally rebellious and just out-right crazy, while the "Squares" were the stuck-up, preppy ones. A young juevinile delinquent Drape by the name of Cry-Baby falls in love with a girl named Alison, a square. Now, I shall just leave the rest up for your imagination or just let you all go watch it on your own if you're interested.

The leading actor playing Cry-Baby looked extremely familiar, and I just couldn't help but wonder who it was. I didn't want to think it was Johnny Depp, even though it resembled him so closely, but...sadly, as I pressed the "guide" button to the remote, I found out that it was him. Of course, that explained his attractive, sexyness good acting, but I digress. I just couldn't help but laugh when I found this out.

Seriously. Especially if you're a musical lover. Give it a try, the world must know of this crazy parody.  

Riza, out =w=/

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'evening everybody, Riza here, finally getting around to posting again ^_^; 

I've been slacking busy for the past couple of days because of driver's ed and what not along with preparing for university... And the day has finally come. The night before I start college. ...Aah, so fast and crazy =w=; I'll try to get around to posting about my first day tomorrow as soon as I get back ^-^ I'll try to write something about my driver'd ed experience too... *cough*

So!! A few mintes ago, I just returned from watching another movie. From the title of this entry, I'm sure those of you who've seen it know what I'm talking about.

Tropic Thunder.

Well...lets just say it's not a type of movie that I've ever experienced before. Of course, this isn't saying much because I've only seen a few R-rated movies, but still =w=; So much violence (gore, especially in the beginning, despite it obviously looking fake), vulgar language...sad to say that I got a bit used to it after a while. 

Thankfully, this comedy wasn't the type to gain your laughter from the violence and the language. ...Well, yeah, there were some moments, but I found them very well played out and worth the chuckle that slipped through your lips. I didn't laugh as much as the rest of the audience because I was either going "Oh my goodness! (o/ \o)" or "Auuuu..." because, as mentioned earlier, I wasn't used to these types of movies. But, they were funny - they just hit my "...is it really okay to laugh at this?" nerves a few times =w=

I'd have to say the cast was great. So well fitting to each character and role, it was absolutely awesome. I'd have to say the character that I loved most was Kirk Lazarus played by Robert Downey Jr. though. He's pretty much this crazy good actor that really puts so much in his acting that he goes to...well, a bit overdone heights to get into his character's role. I don't want to spoil for those that are interested in watching it, so I'll let you see for yourself ^-^ I didn't know the person playing the horrible hollywood in-charge person was "him" until the credits though... Gawd, what make-up nowadays can do to people >_>

The actual plot was pretty good, I thought. It's pretty much a movie making fun of hollywood movies/actors/directors/etc. and it's very good in terms of following that theme =3 

The visuals were absolutely fantastic. The gore in the beginning made me a bit sicky, but the explosions that followed all the way through afterwards...<33 

I really like Ben Stiller, but if you're one of the people that really like him for his family-centered films...well, I may not reccomend it as much to you. If you like action+comedy though, I'd go for it =w= 

While I say lots of good things about it, I really don't think it's worth going to the actual theater to pay to watch. I'd wait for the DVD to come out and watch it on a giant high-def big screen TV, because the boomyness really makes you go "Ooooh..o.o <3". ..Though, of course, the movie theater may be good for it also because it has a few extra trailers that kind of...suck you in and make you laugh =w= More for male adults and not for kids, it's rated R for a reason. I say "male adults" because it seems more like comedy leaning towards guys compared to you girly-girls out there. 

So!! My rating on this would be a 4/5. While the movie was pretty good, I kind of regret going to the actual theater to watch it -- it could wait a couple of months to come out on DVD. Worth watching though once it comes out =3

This was Riza, and I bid you all good night ^-^

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